Kratom’s Unsafe – Here’s Why:

Everything has two sides to it, and the same rule applies to Kratom too. If you’re a frequent user of Kratom, we’re sure Kratom must be helping you deal with a lot of issues. And while Kratom does help you tackle a lot of ailments, stress, anxiety – you need to be aware of the side effects of Kratom too. So here we are, with a post to help you know the side effects of the drug you take – it will help you make an informed decision:


Kratom is known to create dryness in the mouth. Prolonged usage of Kratom has resulted in the dryness of not only the mouth but the skin too.

Constipation and urinary issues:

urinary issues

If you’ve got used to your daily dosage of Kratom, you need to be wary of these issues. Those who use Kratom often have complains of constipation, apart from other urinary ailments such as burning sensation, change in colour of the urine and others, to name a few.

Liver damage:

Just like any other drug, Kratom wrecks havoc on the liver. Drugs burden the liver, which has to put in extra effort to ensure the balance in the body is maintained. Excess secretion from the liver is harmful to the body and also slows down the liver after some time.

Muscle pain:

While Kratom works just fine for to cure muscle pain, one of the biggest withdrawal symptoms of Kratom addiction is muscle pain. Unless and until you get back to your usual dosage of Kratom, you won’t really be able to get rid of the pain that’s tormenting you. You may even come across pain in new parts of the body, dealing with which will be an issue.

Dizziness and drowsiness:


A heavy head with bouts of dizziness is a common side effect of Kratom intake. Also, while Kratom works wonderfully to help you stay wide awake to concentrate and focus on your work, it also causes spells of drowsiness – all of which are beyond your control.

Weight loss:

Kratom intake has been associated with eating disorders – and this directly impacts weight. Fluctuation in weight is a common after-effect of frequent Kratom intake. Disorders like anorexia have been linked to consumption of Kratom – so yes, you need to be careful.

Extreme reactions:

Prolonged use of Kratom can also prove to be fatal. With cases of deaths due to seizures arising, the safety of Kratom has been questioned time and again. Cases of come too, have been reported.