Kratom is catching up pace with other drugs and it has been noticed that most people have started using Kratom instead of coffee and other popular drugs. This is because of the low addictive factor of Kratom. It also comes with lesser side effects as compared to other drugs and works as a wonderful remedy to many ailments. The most common way Kratom is consumed is in the powdered form. However, not many are aware that Kratom can be consumed in a variety of other ways too. Here’s a list of how you can intake Kratom:

Chewing leaves:

Chewing leaves

This is the most traditional and primitive way by which Kratom was consumed. Some people even follow it now. The only issue here is that the leaves are extremely bitter, which is why most of them avoid directly chewing the leaves. For those who are used to the taste or love bitter stuff, this is the best, most natural and organic way to consume Kratom.

Kratom tea:

How about sipping into some hot, piping Kratom tea? Brew the Kratom leaves until you get the taste just like you want it. Keep in mind the longer you brew the tea; higher will be the Kratom content in it. So for a strong Kratom tea, patiently brew the tea for a long time! Also, it has been noticed that brewing gets different, better properties out of Kratom leaves – so yes, a win-win situation!

Powder consumption:

The powder consumption is the quickest way to consume Kratom. Just make sure you’re taking in the exact, measured dosage of the powder as you swallow it. The best part of it is that you don’t really need to wait for a long time to process the Kratom – just open the packet, weight the dosage, and you’re done!


For those who aren’t fond of the bitter taste that Kratom is filled with, try the pills. You just got to pop the capsule in and swallow it with water – no bitter taste, and yet you’ll be enjoying the benefits of Kratom through and through!

Kratom juice:

With the Kratom powder in hand, you can mix it with any soluble drinks you like! Water, milk, juices, hot chocolate – whatever you like, you can mix up Kratom in it and consume it!

Food ingredient:

You can add Kratom powder or paste to your food as you would add any other ingredient. You can also chop up fresh leaves and put it in your soups and chutneys. You can basically add any form of Kratom extract to whatever food you wish to!